Bad Credit Car Dealerships and Payday Loans in Connecticut

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bad credit car dealerships in ct

Bad Credit Car Dealerships and Payday Loans in Connecticut

The Internet is full of bad credit car dealerships in Connecticut. You can find them by searching online. Many of them also offer finance options for people with poor credit. While most dealerships require a large down payment, you can often negotiate a lower rate if you have poor or no credit. If you need financing, consider visiting a car finance center instead. You can also apply for financing through a no credit auto lender.

Some of the Connecticut bad credit car dealerships have financing options that will allow you to buy a car even with bad credit. These types of dealers don’t pull your credit and require only proof of income and a weekly payment plan. Although you may not qualify for a brand-new model, you can usually get one with a lower monthly payment and still be approved. It’s important to note that you will not be able to purchase a new car from a buy-and-pay-here dealership.

While you may not have perfect credit, you shouldn’t let this keep you from getting a new car. There are many bad credit car dealerships in Connecticut that can help you finance a new or used car. Some of them can even offer auto refinance and auto financing, depending on your current situation. Most of them work with many different lenders and banks, so you can be sure you’ll get the best possible rate.